On view at M.Bassy in Hamburg, Germany through October 10, 2021, the group exhibition « Talking Mirrors » offers a complexity of views that confront perspectives.
« Talking Mirrors » engenders new kinds of interconnectedness and promotes social change and global harmony under the gaze of four contemporary artists from artist George Adéagbo‘s home nation of Benin.

George Adéagbo, a sort of metropolitan antiquarian, offers his research on the visual remnants of his own memory as well as its provincial and global interweaving.
His practice is based on the collection, orchestration and comparison of objects found during his daily travels through the European and African worlds. What he offers is a syncretic visual language, allowing the vows of various times, spaces of cultures to exist in a balanced manner, dissolving his sovereign point of view.

Georges Adéagbo unpretentiously decolonizes by examining the omnipresence of Western logic and opposing the superficial characterization of occasions and things by a set of stories. By moving towards the complexity of vision, intuition and understanding of our social climate, the artist remains a pioneer of post-colonial discourse in Hamburg.

eliane-aisso_mbassy-1200-8048196e7368-1024x576 « Talking Mirrors », a group exhibition at M.Bass in Hamburg, Germany
Eliane Aïsso, La Petite Camisole, 2020
ishola_akbo_mbassy-1200-3e095adf679e-1024x683 « Talking Mirrors », a group exhibition at M.Bass in Hamburg, Germany
Ishola Akpo, trace d´une reine series, 2020
thierry-oussou_mbassy-1024-bad210c86f7c « Talking Mirrors », a group exhibition at M.Bass in Hamburg, Germany
Thierry Oussou, Impossible Is Nothing, 2016, Allada – Benin, Foto: Thierry Oussou

With « Talking Mirrors » he offers an exchange on the perceptibility and intangibility of post-colonial reality in an open metropolitan space and invites around him the photographic and video works of his fellow artists Eliane Aïsso, Ishola Akpo and Thierry Oussou.
The exhibition « Talking Mirrors » is coordinated and organized by Stephan Köhler of Kulturforum Süd-Nord e.V. in collaboration with M.Bassy e.V. until October 10, 2021.

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