Latest Portraits of Contemporary African Artists News

Irma Stern’s artistic legacy: an exploration of her creative universe

Landscapes sublimated by vivid, captivating colors, portraits that manage to express the

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Joana Choumali: a contemporary artistic voice from Africa

Once underestimated, contemporary African art now occupies a prominent place on the

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Gastineau Massamba Mbongo’s engaged art: An exploration of social issues

Painter, sculptor and poet Gastineau Massamba Mbongo is one of those committed

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Visual art exploration: Dive into the epic universe of Jebila Okongwu

Born in 1975, Jebila Okongwu is a London-based artist. Raised between Nigeria

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“Black African identity”: an analysis of the works of Emmanuel Taku

In many cultures, art has always been an important means of communication

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