The interaction between the visible and invisible worlds embodied by the representation of ancestors in different forms deserves to be preserved and perpetuated. It is in this dynamic that the video artist Claudia Lederer, through her video « Gros Câlin », would like to discover the mysticism and sacredness of the cult practices of the city of Ouidah, in connection with the python and which emerges in the work of the artist Jeremy Demester exhibited until June at the Museum of the Zinsou Foundation.

Claudia Lederer presents through her film a new light on the exhibition « Gros Câlin »; a kind of reinterpretation of the work of the artist Jeremy Demester and this world of emotions in contact with mystical forces, spirits, and the energy given off by the vibrations of the invisible world.
For her, this raises many questions, but even more the need to understand the limits of the intelligible world.

She used to live in London and work in the financial world, but now she feels the need to live, to travel and especially to create. This is what led her to dedicate herself to projects around the image and human questioning.
Now, she offers us « Gros Câlin » in video, a way to question the intrinsic relationship between the visible world and the invisible one which is more and more ignored.

The exhibition « Gros Câlin » by artist Jeremy Demester is open until June at the Fondation Zinsou Museum.

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