For its tenth commemorative edition from 17-19 February 2023, Investec Cape Town Art Fair offers a special experience for its contemporary art fair in Africa, in one of the world’s most dynamic urban areas.

With 99 exhibitors, 23,000 guests, 6,000 VIPs and a constant art zone, this edition of Investec Cape Town Art Fair provides a stage for collectors, exhibitors, curators, specialists and art journalists from around the world to meet and make associations.

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair has proven to be the meeting point between the growing African art market and the art world.

The tenth commemoration of the Investec Cape Town Art Fair will focus on the idea of time, a topic broad enough to encompass thoughts related to the past, present and future, including the ever-present idea of progress that accompanies the progression of time, both for people and for our environment.

This topic will be reflected in our fields in general. In addition, the Investec Cape Town Art Fair is pleased to announce the accompanying curators who, each in their own way and through a section, will also tackle the idea of time:

– Tommorrows/Today segment with Natasha Becker and Dr. Mariella Franzoni

– SOLO segment with Sean O’Toole

– Past/modern segment with João Ferreira

Remember that there is a call for applications for exhibitors until July 30, 2022 and you can register by clicking here

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