Two painter friends, Hector Sonon and Fred Cadoux, invite themselves to « les Lignes de villes » from June 3 to 13, 2021 at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Cotonou. They present to the public their perceptions at the crossroads of the most important upheavals of our time: our cities.

Urban landscape, aesthetic controversy and deciphering, the two artists try to apprehend the urban evolution, attraction, modernity, infrastructure and space. They question what makes the morphology, the balance between urban composition and picturesque, from the signage to the streets and facades, and even sometimes the hospitality that reflects the ability of our cities to welcome, protect but also to recognize us there.

Hector Sonon and Fred Cadoux reveal the importance of our cities while questioning each visitor through their creations, along a scenographic path punctuated by works that invite everyone to participate in their transformation.

Les oeuvres de l'exposition : « les Lignes de villes » Hector Sonon et Fred Cadoux
Les oeuvres de l'exposition : « les Lignes de villes » des artistes Hector Sonon et Fred CadouxLes oeuvres de l'exposition : « les Lignes de villes » Hector Sonon et Fred Cadouxoeuvre de l'artiste Hector Sonon

Artists of the exhibition

Hector Sonon, painter and illustrator, draws his inspiration from the elements of nature. Aesthete, but above all a critic, he approaches in his works a diversity of subjects, notably on the traces we leave during our passage in this world. Through his paintings, watercolors, drawings, Hector materializes a plural and multiform inspiration of the contemporary world.

Fred Cadoux, a Franco-Burkinabé painter, has been living in Cotonou for almost a decade. Trained in oil painting and drawing, he sometimes paints his immediate environment with the linocut technique. Today, he returns to one of his first loves: drawing and black and white.

The two artists, concerned by the problems of the living environment, were among the thirty artists invited to the exhibition « L’Art’Trine » which was held at Maison Rouge on May 7 and 8, 2021.

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