37 intertwined wrists that unite on more than 77300m2 in the world, this is the symbol of unity represented by the street-art artist Saype who advocates a new vision of community life.

Carried out as part of the implementation of his itinerant project « Beyond Walls », the artist Saype traces and paints with subtle shades of gray, monumental ephemeral frescoes designed with ecological paint from natural materials.

Through this project, the land art specialist calls for a global movement to break down the walls that separate humans, including those of race, color, language, social status and geographic or ethnic position.

The objective of the project is to create a synergy of actions between humans, but also to invite people around the issue of unity and solidarity. Thus, the artist calls the nations to abandon any introverted development and to rethink the mutual aid for social and human problems.

PRESS_01-1024x682 Beyond Walls : The artist Saype creates the largest human chain to teach mutual aid and solidarity throughout the world with art.
Beyond Walls, Step 10 : Ganvié
Biodegradable paint on sand
Ganvié, Benin (BEN) 2021
6°27’57.6 “N 2°23’19.7 “E

From its starting point at the Champ-de-Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 2019, the « Beyond Walls » project transcends borders. Moving from one country to another, the artist has chosen places that bring out a specificity that questions us, as if to sound the death knell of individualism.

Beyond Walls : The fraternal hands that intertwine in Africa

No continent is left out in the creation of the global human chain of land artist Saype. Thus, Africa has benefited from poetic and ephemeral frescoes for brotherhood.

In Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast, the square of the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace was chosen to host his largest mural, making a call for peace in the world.

With the aim of marking the spirits and highlighting the monument of national heroes in Burkina Faso, it is at the foot of the building dedicated to the celebration of independence in the country of Men of Integrity in Ouagadougou that the artist Saype realizes his ephemeral work which advocates a certain revolution and democracy. According to the artist, the former Upper Volta has cultural potential to offer the rest of the world.

In Cape Town, South Africa, where the memories of the dark period of Apartheid are still present, the Land artist paints the symbolism of reconciliation, a pillar of Nelson Mandela’s ideology. This approach is for the artist, the hope that art can make a modest contribution to the reunification of the city where the historical wounds have not yet healed.

Through gigantic intertwined wrists that link Ouidah, the main gateway to the slave trade, to the lakeside city of Ganvié, a refuge for populations fleeing the slave raid, Land Artist Saype wanted to symbolize the links between those who escaped slavery and strive to retain those who reached the coast for an unknown destination.

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PRESS_02-1024x682 Beyond Walls : The artist Saype creates the largest human chain to teach mutual aid and solidarity throughout the world with art.
Beyond Walls, Step 10 : Ganvié
Biodegradable paint on sand
Ganvié, Benin (BEN) 2021
6°27’58.7 “N 2°23’16.6 “E

The concretization of the worldwide itinerant project « Beyond Walls » in different countries of Africa, seems to testify the march of the continent towards a revolution facing the common challenges of living together.

Artist “Saype” puts art to work for universal solidarity

 Beyond Walls : The artist Saype creates the largest human chain to teach mutual aid and solidarity throughout the world with art.
© https://www.saype-artiste.com/

Known for his paintings on grass, the Land artist Saype is ranked among the 30 personalities under thirty, having marked the universe of arts and culture in 2019 according to Forbes.

The self-taught Belfort artist Saype began painting at the age of fourteen through graffiti but today is a pioneer of a new movement of Land art. These works that play with nature survive only in photography or video.

The famous contemporary artist Guillaume Legros alias Saype, passionate about philosophical and existential questions, explores issues around the human and nature. This approach leads to the creation of scenes in the most unexpected places with ecoresponsible and biodegradable paint on grass.

It is following the revolt of the Arab Spring, that he invests the subways to leave traces of his black and white painting then, develops a new approach which consists in the identification of the modern techniques to interpellate the public.

Struck by multiple readings and questionings on the world, while taking into account the expansion of technology and the use of drones, his vision of artist will be even more forged for the creation of gigantic frescos on the ground.

Fervent optimist, the poetic land artist in order to put his art at the service of humanity launches in 2019 the Beyond Walls project, to symbolically create the largest human chain in the world. Pharaonic project that stretches over several years, it aims the impact of more than 30 cities in the world to call the people of our planet to solidarity but even more the importance of our place on earth.

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