The weeks of confinement were particularly productive for contemporary artists. With galleries and museums being closed, many of them were able to move forward with their projects and, above all, share their art with Internet users via social networks. Didier Viodé, painter from Benin, Côte d’Ivoire and the Bisontin, for his part, maximized the 59 days when he could not leave his home by creating a self-portrait every day. These works of art are now being auctioned to raise funds to support the art sector strongly affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

A rich and committed career

Known as Didiv, Didier Viodé was born in Côte d’Ivoire on May 24, 1979, but spent most of his childhood in Benin. After his Baccalaureate, he returned to Côte d’Ivoire and obtained a registration at INSAAC, the National Higher Institute of Art of Cultural Action of Abidjan. A few years later, he joined the School of Fine Arts of Besançon in France where he obtained a Higher National Diploma of Expression.

Didier Viodé is an observer of the world. His work revolves around themes such as humanity, north-south relations, exile, politics, etc.. He is inspired by his environment: a lifeless body on the Internet, feet in barbed wire, a raised hand, etc. His collection of paintings “The Walkers” launched in 2007 has positioned him as one of the artists committed to the subject of immigration. Didier’s works have already been exhibited in numerous galleries in France and Benin. He notably participated in the AKAA fair in 2016.

A productive confinement

Didier Viodé comes out of this period of confinement with 59 self-portraits in which he depicts himself in his “normal everyday posture”. Each work is different in terms of clothing, attitudes or technique used. Didier has indeed worked with acrylic paint, Indian ink and sometimes used the technique of cut-outs. Initially, the project had no specific objective. He was simply trying to keep busy. But very quickly, the works published on social networks aroused great interest.

A second collaboration with Piasa

Very early on, Piasa expressed interest in the works created and published by the artist. In 2017, it had already auctioned off its series of 8 drawings, The Clowns of the G8, in its store. But this year, the sale will be charitable. The funds raised will be used to absorb some of the economic consequences of Covid-19 on the art sector. The starting price for each portrait is set at 500 euros. For Didier Viodé, it is a pride to be able to be exposed and sold at auction by the Piasa house and especially during his lifetime. Because let’s remember, the works of painters are generally sold at post-mortem auctions.

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