« Mascarade » is the name of the last exhibition offered by the MAISON ROUGE hotel in its premises in partnership with HBMC from 22 to 30 June 2021. They give a platform to about twenty African artists, or involved in Africa, to shed light on this theme referring to a masked ball, and to this past year, alongside the COVID and its symbol: « Le masque ».

The various artists, through their creations, externalize their perceptions, the link between visible and invisible, this aspect of beauty that rubs shoulders with the strange, in forms that challenge and amaze the art lover. They recalled that the mask, once used for carnivals, theater, dance, rituals, and many others, today has more of a protective meaning. It is an indispensable accessory of our daily life because it has become mandatory in most public spaces.

« Mascarade » proposes to offer to the public different facets of this diversity of shifted glance which questions us on how to live in front of this evil and which are the lessons which result from it?

Through a selection of about fifty works of various universes and mediums, ranging from painting to sculpture, from photography to performance, all created for the occasion, the artists Dominique Zinkpé, Sophie Négrier, Guaté Mao, Carmelita Siwa, Dodji Efoui, Omiliti, Hector Sonon, Afi Kodjobi, Lionel Attere, Foumi Lafarge, Francis Agemo, Vanessa Moulin, Sam De Bord, Isabelle Dossa Bulczynski, Nobel Koty, Adjaratou Ouedraougo, Marius Dansou, Youmanli, Arouna Guindo, Gandhi Tomede, Emmanuel Sogbadji, invite through “Masquerade”, visitors of all ages to the discovery and exploration of his imagination in front of this still burning subject of the news.

The exhibition « Mascarade » is open to the public until June 30, 2021 at the hotel MAISON ROUGE in Cotonou.

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