From her own creative mind, dreams and memories, Tiffanie Delune welcomes in new realms realized in her unique blend of warm varieties, layered surfaces, dynamic forms and exotic biomorphic structures covered in magical pictorial signs through her exhibition “There’s Gasoline In My Heart” at Foreign Agent in Lausanne, Switzerland, a vivid and intelligent salutation to consider love, desire and our engagement with nature and the universe.

Drawing motivation from animism and her belief that all things, spots and animals have a special soul, the exhibition “There’s Gasoline In My Heart” rejuvenates layered supernatural bodies with the enchantment of tarot images, expanding into lush sumptuous forests and enormous cartographies – vivid vistas at the intersection of clear dreams and reality.

In Tiffanie Delune‘s world, everything is suspended in a fragile equilibrium, as in her work “Tender”, where a suspended body seems to move, float or fall, depending on the perspective. Some of Tiffanie Delune‘s work like this can be hung without question, delivering new hidden insights that challenge our very sense of insight. Tiffanie Delune’s playful nature is exchanged with the viewer, trying to keep us going in her ways.

Like the complex trap of Tiffanie Delune‘s mixed starting points, her visual language rises above social and real boundaries. Her own animism is established in the enchanted and obsolete world of her early life, populated by complex and sometimes excruciating individual and collective memories. As in animism, Tiffanie Delune‘s creations function both as an acknowledgement of these memory aid ghosts that are returned to and altered, and as a safeguard against them.

Each scene finds a way to be both fragile and personal, but also intense and strong. The images of security build the message in a beautiful and unconventional way. The jewelry forms we see in many of the works evoke concord, solidity and unity, a kind of essential solidarity.

The ubiquitous gyratory themes – balls, air pockets, moons and spots – address the thought of self, of wholeness, but also of cycle and recharge. Their careful structure within the case gives a sense of delicate balance. Like an act of existential stirring. These circles are sometimes associated with vast celestial bodies. Through her works, Tiffanie Delune questions our association with ourselves, nature and others.

In her creations, there is a certain sense of honesty that consists of playing by testing without constraint. Whether it’s cutting and paper-cutting, collecting, playing with splinters, sewing strings, or layering a warm, sexy range of acrylics and pastels on cotton material with sensitive inks and pencils. This piece reviews the artist’s own encounters with art in her youth, more focused on the pleasure of making things with what was accessible, than on any predetermined thought of representation.

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This pleasure of “making things” coupled with the assurance of making us do miracles and questioning ourselves is still largely the driving force behind Tiffanie Delune‘s cycle today, currently working from her new studio in Lisbon.

Occasionally sensual and hazy “Emotions Of Abstraction”, brave and idealistic “Room For Desire”, deep and associated “Carry Me Home” or nerve-wracking and diabolical “There’s Gasoline In My Heart”, Tiffanie Delune praises the unique dizziness and frightening strength of affection and natural existence with recharged confidence and delicacy.

With drawings and images of guides, celestial bodies, seascapes, but also life structures, bazaars, and crystals as a starting point, a portion of the works fall into full reflection or invite a solitary figure onto the dance floor, bringing us back to the captivating, bold, and curious transcendence of a young person’s life.

There’s Gasoline In My Heart” is the enormous centerpiece that offers its name to the exhibition, one of the few works by the artist that addresses a couple. A strong creation brimming with natural energy and temptation, a recognition of need.

In the exhibition’s unique work “Nothing’s Foreign About You,” introduced in free suspension with a train that evokes a defensive net or wedding dress, Tiffanie Delune marries the existence of vegetation and creatures with images of science and music, marking her own understated example among the concordance and coverage.

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