ON ART MEDIA is an online information service dedicated to African Visual Arts. It is published by the cultural engineering agency TABOO, specialized in supporting private and public actors in the development and implementation of cultural policies.

ON ART MEDIA is aimed at all art enthusiasts, both neophytes and experts. Our primary mission is to enable our readers to (re)discover African visual arts and to keep a permanent contact with this sector in Africa today.

To do this, our platform ensures a regular monitoring of the artistic news of African actors in the sector on the continent, but also in the rest of the world.
Exhibitions, auctions, fairs, shows… all places and events where African art is expressed interest us. The same goes for artists, artists’ agents, artistic and cultural foundations… that we take pleasure in accompanying by offering large-scale visibility to their various initiatives.

But ON ART MEDIA goes well beyond the simple media of news and information. Indeed, we offer a variety of content to analyze and decipher the trends and realities of the artistic world as a whole. Through our special features, reports and editorials, we share with our readers, our vision of the African artistic thing, with a critical eye, but also and above all, approaches for a perpetual improvement of what is already being done. Resolutely turned towards the future, we work to open doors and build the African visual art of tomorrow. 

Our platform is regularly enriched with new services and functionalities, and we intend to create, in the near future, an agency to accompany artists in their careers. We will thus be able to more easily create the link between collectors and artists, giving more voice and visibility to their works and to themselves.
The development of customized training programs in art is also part of the activities that will be integrated into this component.

Around the media, our various services are combined to support our partners throughout the value chain. Whether it is for the choice of an artist, to communicate on their cultural policy or to create the event that will make the difference, each of the poles develops a specific expertise. 

So welcome to a new dimension of multifaceted art for all!