Since the main world celebration of « Black Art » coordinated by Léopold Sédar Senghor in 1966 in Dakar, the recognition and valorization of the African creative heritage have not ceased to develop at the world level.

It is in this spirit that is conveyed the exhibition « Contemporary identities of the Ivory Coast », scheduled in Paris from June 6 to 12, 2022 at 24 Beaubourg. To find the French public, seven artists will be presented to highlight the artistic and contemporary world of the Ivory Coast.

43cf348a-733b-482a-bab9-32c5aff31029 The contemporary creativity of the Ivory Coast is exhibited in June in Paris at 24 Beaubourg

The public will discover, among others, ABOUDIA, one of the prides of contemporary Ivorian and African art, who propose portraits, most often in montage of magazine pages. Pastel chalk frames encompass or shape half-human, half-sculptural representations that give more character to his creations.

Obou, painter who retranscribes scenes of life, snapshots of restrictions, floods, everything that touches the human condition that he can observe. Precursor of the “Braid art”, today, his work is more oriented towards the highlighting of hidden characters, mainly Dan masks.

Alberto, visual artist from Ivory Coast, motivated by the metropolitan culture of the city of Abidjan as well as the impacts acquired during his travels and preparation to realize characters among which are mixed exact lines and brilliant tones. His style is often compared to that of Keith Haring, as he very often combines street art and pop art with conventional Ivorian themes and veils, giving a singular touch to his range.

Jacobleu, a multidisciplinary artist who has participated in exhibitions and expert meetings in Canada, Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and of course the Ivory Coast for over twenty years. These works testify to this cultural life and the real social or anthropological factors that are added to the veil, the spirits, the customs of yesteryear, the music, the movements and the snapshot of the sharing of a global energy in a happy climate.

LAFALAISE DION, visual artist, designer and performer who is inspired by African culture and particularly by Dan, uses cowrie shells as an essential medium in her work. Praised by VOGUE, GRAZIA, ELLE, FIGARO, Times, Essence, Vanity Fair, etc. She regularly collaborates with rising figures of the scene to give another vision of Africa. She notably dressed Beyoncé in her Soul video. 

Jean Servais Somian, who conveys a part of ancestrality in his art. Delivered in small batches and invested with areas of strength for one, these creations are from time to time at the limit of the model. In any case, they remain practical and utilitarian. His work has been the subject of various exhibitions in Africa, Europe, the United States and Latin America.

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David-Josué, a multimedia artist influenced by African culture, uses strategies of photographic control, structure and matte painting to create beautiful images that tell stories.

He acts primarily through his representations to elicit stories, folklores, anecdotes, legends and cultural narratives with the desire to Africanize them.

The exhibition « Contemporary identities of the Ivory Coast », is open from June 6 to 12, 2022 at 24 Beaubourg in Paris.

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