Opened in 2021, the DIDA Gallery aims to promote committed and promising artists through the organization of exhibitions for them and the availability of virtual and face-to-face capacity building programs for artists.

Located in Zone 4, in the heart of Abidjan, the DIDA gallery aims to be the epicenter of the promotion of contemporary African art on the world stage. Its mission is also to work for the emergence of art on the local and international market. This springboard for the impact and visibility of African artists from the continent and the diaspora will help amplify their authenticity both locally and globally.

DIDA-ABIDJAN-04-scaled-1024x684 Promotion of contemporary art in Africa: the DIDA gallery offers a new artistic showcase in Abidjan

The DIDA gallery has a space dedicated to artist residencies. For its inaugural exhibition, it presented the works of artist Christian Amos Ikechukwu while aiming to offer a mix between emerging and established artists from various backgrounds. Whether they are self-taught or trained, she has the desire to highlight artists with undeniable talent. 

Beyond the exhibitions, Galerie DIDA takes care of the rigorous work of archiving and documenting the projects of its artists and of planning various meetings for discussion, exchange and sharing between collectors, artists and amateurs. It is a place of fascination and movement not only for the animators of the cultural world, but also for the society in general, under the aegis of Hind Ahmad, who has been striving to put her skills at the service of cultural cooperation for many years.

DIDA-ABIDJAN-01-scaled-1024x628 Promotion of contemporary art in Africa: the DIDA gallery offers a new artistic showcase in Abidjan

Hind Ahmad, who first worked at Christie’s auction house before joining the Victoria Miro Gallery, is eager to connect Western and non-Western cultural models while promoting the circulation of masterpieces around the world through her rule of securing masterpieces and exchanging them when they gain in value.

With a wealth of experience, Hind Ahmad has created her own art sales company. Now based in Côte d’Ivoire, this contemporary art enthusiast ventures to the four corners of the world to collect works of art for her institution. Through her valuable accompaniments and exhibitions, she has gained international recognition and has made Artual Gallery a vector of international artistic initiatives accessible online for the purchase and sale of contemporary artworks. 

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