Until October 31, 2021, you can enter the International Women in Photo Award, the French award that protects and advances women photographic artists.

International Women in Photo, is a French non-profit association that pursues two important MISSIONS on a global scale: to work for equity through photography on the planet and to advance the world’s women photographers.

The International Women In Photo Award has its beginnings in the underrepresentation of women photographers. Unfortunately, women photographers are under-recognized and represent only a small portion of the multitude of photographs we see every day in the press, media, showrooms or art fairs.

The International Women In Photo Award then points out the social issues that are regularly ignored or simply not covered by the male perspective of our reality. The International Women In Photo Award allows women to share their vision of society by relying on the power of the image to fight against the generalizations transmitted through photography.

Since it was sent in 2017, it has attracted a large number of women photographers, bringing together between 600 and 800 photographic artists, from over 80 nations and 6 continents. The International Women In Photo Award is offered to women photographic artists from all over the world and those who stand out as women, working in all areas of photography, from fine art to photojournalism.

Under the theme of « SOLIDARITÉ », this year’s competition is open to all women photographers, novice or expert.
The minimum age for participation is 18.

The jury expects each candidate to submit a coherent set of 10 photographs, along with a CV, a biography and a presentation text.

It is recommended that no signatures, watermarks or other copyrights be placed on the photographs.

For more information, visit the International Women In Photo website.

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