Art at the service of the environment and the socio-community well-being, such is the mission of the Swiss artistic entrepreneur based in Benin, Dominique BOURQUIN. For this occasion, he mobilizes thirty contemporary African artists around the issue of open defecation and citizen education.
Based on the observation that most households in Africa do not have access to adequate toilets, the artistic entrepreneur has chosen to experiment with a new method by combining creativity, artistic collaboration, production and environmental impact: the dry toilet.

This is what makes the exhibition « L’Art’Trine »  so special. Beyond a simple cultural event on an environmental theme, it will contribute to the sanitation of the living environment and to the creation of jobs.

The dry toilet is composed of a handcrafted wooden box, topped by a temporary plastic cover, associated with a bucket, wood chips intended to swallow urine and excrement which will then be composted for the purpose of fertilizing agricultural soil.

DSC_0026-min-scaled-1024x680 « L’Art’Trine » : thirty contemporary African artists at the service of the environment

The dry toilet appears to be an appropriate solution to the problem faced by the NGO Protos Join For Water, partner of the exhibition, which will organize public awareness actions and will benefit from the resources generated by this exhibition to install these toilets in rural areas to clean up the environment.

The collective exhibition « L’Art’Trine » 

Supported by the Swiss Cooperation in Benin, the Red House and Protos Join For Water, the social cultural exhibition “L’Art’Trine” which took place on May 7 and 8, 2021, aims to raise awareness and explain the consequences of open defecation to the public.

Coming from various countries in Africa, the artists participating in this exhibition are invited to realize their works on a wooden dry toilet free of charge. These works will be available on this digital catalog put online to reach galleries, collectors, patrons, art lovers and other buyers who may express an interest in their acquisitions.

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the NGO Protos Join For Water, which will examine the feasibility of the project to develop the use of wooden dry toilets in rural areas; a temporary solution to a priority issue in Benin.

DSC_0025-min-scaled-680x1024 « L’Art’Trine » : thirty contemporary African artists at the service of the environment

Various artists such as ASTON, who recovers plastic objects left in nature, Lionel Attere, who reveals certain aspects of the invisible world through his work, Sébastien Boko, who creates wood and metal combinations, the passionate and committed Hector Sonon, and other names such as Marius Dansou will be present at this exhibition, Dominique Zinkpé, Tchif, Rafiy Okefolohan, Fred Cadoux, Birane, Guaté Mao, Anato Youss, Rémi Samuz, Komla Eza, Soeur Henriette, Segson, Daté Kodjo Amouzou, Landujah, Soniart, Eric Mededa, Benjamin Déguénon, Syl Loko, Kifouli Dossou, Bamous, Nathanaël Vodouhé, Zansou Cinq 5, Makef, Sophie Négrier, Tido and Raphaël Zossou.

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