A warm encounter in the premises of the largest contemporary art fair in Africa, in one of the most dynamic urban art cities in the world is offered by « Investec Cape Town Art Fair » du 18 au 20 from 18 to 20 February 2022.

With over 100 exhibitors, a plethora of guests and VIPs, and a constant outreach area, the fair provides a stage for collectors, exhibitors, curators, artists, and art columnists from around the world to meet and create synergies.

« Investec Cape Town Art Fair » has proven to be the meeting point between the rapidly growing African art market and the international art world.
Over the past eighteen months, the art world has transformed and adapted to our new perspectives and practices, under the constraint of Covid-19.

DAY3_GENERAL_033-1024x683-1 « Investec Cape Town Art Fair » takes over the Cape and livens up the South African art calendar

With this in mind, « Investec Cape Town Art Fair » guarantees its readiness to help sustain the perception, strength and presence, with an extreme awareness of the effect that this period has brought. Thus, for this edition, « Investec Cape Town Art Fair » is focusing on shared support, joint efforts and taking new measures to ensure strength and networking support among exhibitors. A sort of bet on the fair to bring individuals together to meet, discuss and reflect on the cutting edge of contemporary art.

This year’s fair, which will take place from 18 to 20 February 2022 at the Cape Town International Convention Center, is very interested in the idea of cooperation and is determined to open up a discourse and a common support structure, with an exchange of thoughts, research, artists, procedures and assets.

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