The Noldor Artists’ Residency in Accra, Ghana, established last November with an initial four-week residency awarded to Ghanaian artisan Emmanuel Taku, has announced that it is all but a one-year program for both junior and senior fellows and will have a 7,500-square-meter space in a former drug warehouse in the city’s booming Labadi Expression Zone.

The fellowship program is aimed at emerging and mid-career contemporary artists from Africa and its diaspora, with the goal of helping them expand their practices, while fostering a sense of belonging to the region. In addition, the organization hopes to send its less experienced youth into the art market by presenting them in a commercial exhibition.

The Noldor Artists’ Residence has named Ghanaian artisan Gideon Appah as its senior fellow. Appah is known for his mixed media works featuring acrylic paint layered vigorously over collaged photographs, posters and prints that evoke the daily life, legends and natural encompassments of his country, to which he returned after some time abroad.

Emerging Ghanaian artists Abigail Aba Otoo and Joshua Oheneba-Takyi were awarded the junior fellowships. Artist Abigail Aba Otoo mixed media work addresses business identity and psychological well-being and focuses on the black female frame, while Joshua Oheneba-Takyi explores ideas of relocation through the image of the chair in a practice that involves drawing and painting.

The recently renovated warehouse that houses the program is a huge U-shaped structure featuring interface walkways and bathed in natural light and has been partitioned to incorporate artist studios.

Beyond the material support provided to its artists, Noldor reflects the organic and collaborative dynamics that characterize artist communities past and present. It is a thriving contemporary art center committed to supporting the creative process of its artists.

Beyond the material support provided to artists, the Noldor artist residency reflects the organic and collective dynamics that describe past and present artist networks. It is nothing less than a thriving center for contemporary art, focused on supporting the innovative process and creativity of African artists.

Let us hope for more residencies in our countries for the promotion of African contemporary art around the world.

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