The fourteenth edition of the Dakar Biennale calls for the change of ideas and the implementation of new implications. « Ĩ NDAFFA # » therefore presents two objectives: first, to reject the structure as it is given; second, to engrave the implications that are still occasional. The goal is to know how to do, to consider, to conceive, to change a safe material by a folding that distorts it and situates it in relation to the importance and structure, that is, the very thing to which this edition invites.

It seems to be a nudge to make together another normal destiny and future, while the world is crumbling behind its personalities and particularisms, and some states behind their partitions and patriotisms. « Ĩ Ndaffa # » takes on its full meaning at the Dakar Biennale from May 19 to June 21, 2022, under an aspect of progress, in the image of the African continent, which has become the place of potential prospects.

The solicitation to the forge is emblematically a challenge to own it again. Moreover, in our social orders, the product has often been perceived as an inescapable secret, with dull and enchanting powers. There is obviously the possibility that information dominated by a stranger will work and change the world, allow us to cope with our current circumstance, and provide us with wonderful weapons.

The speculative chemistry in question here is that of grey matter and reflection. It is therefore about rediscovering obscure sciences, powers and energies; about discovering the riches and investigating the sources of information of the African continent; about returning to its documents and forming new knowledge.

« Ĩ NDAFFA # », this fourteenth edition of the Dakar Biennale will therefore include various artists, an exhibition “Senegalese and Guest Country Pavilions” with China and Ivory Coast, an experiment started in 2018 that welcomed well-known Senegalese visual artists to the Dakar Biennale.

Unique projects taking place at The Supreme Leftovers, Tëg Bët Gëstu Bi, 343 and black-rock, encounters that propose to bring art to the small hideaways of Dakar and the hinterland through series of film screenings, a visual and sound space, an art market, a conference, as well as informative panel discussions and workshops for youth.

The “DOXANTU” project which plans to reconnect the public and push the boundaries with the aim of making the Biennale everywhere in the Dakar metropolitan space. The selected artists will create fantastic works on the Corniche, along the West Coast Highway, for a superior engagement with the metropolitan plan and the frivolity of the chosen destinations along this seaside artery.

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An exceptional recognition to Abdoulaye Konaté to pay tribute to his pictorial work reworked at the Old Palace of Justice located in Cap Manuel. Various exhibitions in places such as the University Anta Diop, the Museum Theodore Monod of African Art, the Museum of Black Civilizations, the National Gallery, the Old Palace of Justice, Corniche Ouest Dakar without forgetting the OFF of the Biennale of Dakar which capitalizes on an average of three hundred and fifty projects, with a variety of creative proposals throughout Senegal.

In addition to the Fabulous Léopold Sédar Senghor Prize, a distinction of reference in the field of visual expressions, the Biennale of Dakar has engaged various prizes.

This edition of the Dakar Biennale follows the innovations and achievements of previous editions. The coordinators have taken up the challenge of developing a Biennale anchored in the circle of visual expressions, without breaking the links with its inclusive and holistic elements.  

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