A series of cultural events trigger the activities of contemporary art again: the Biennale of Sculpture in Ouagadougou, the 1-54 fair in London, the AKAA fair in Paris and a flashback on the Cameroonian photographer Samuel Fosso at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and the event « Afriques au carré » at the Square du Temple!  

The Covid-19 disrupted the holding of some events and prevented contemporary art lovers from attending meetings, such as the unmissable Dakar Biennale. Beyond the concerns, institutions have decided on palliative measures, including virtual gatherings, off-site fairs, workshops and many others, the time of the meeting seems to ring.

It is the holding of the second edition of the International Biennial of Sculpture of Ouagadougou that has denoted the arrival of cultural activities identified with contemporary African art.

The International Biennial of Sculpture of Ouagadougou  

Placed under the theme of « L’aventure ambiguë », the second edition of the International Biennial of Sculpture of Ouagadougou will be held until November 6, 2021 and pays tribute to the writer Cheikh Hamidou Kane.  

It is for artists to examine African identities in their subtleties at a time called post-globalization around twenty works of artists from different nations.

Preceded by residencies in the workshops of creators in Burkina Faso, snapshots of sharing and exchange of involvement and competence, this biennial also kicked off several stages and artistic spaces that will offer throughout the event exhibitions to the public.

The 1-54 fair in London  

For fans of contemporary art, the ninth edition of the fair 1-54 African contemporary was held from 14 to 17 October 2021 in London.

Initiated by the Moroccan Touria El Glaoui, this fair brought together nearly 50 galleries from 23 nations that will present works by more than 150 artists. Collectors and enthusiasts were invited on the banks of the Thames, in the premises of Somerset House.  

This year, the Somerset House patio offered works by Ugandan-born British artist Lakwena Maciver. On the south side of Somerset House will be an exhibit called « We are History » through February 6, 2022. It focuses on the link between a rise in temperature on a global scale and the various colonial legacies. Among the artists presented are: Malala Andrialavidrazana, Zineb Sedira and Otobong Nkanga who are interested in reflections on identity, the situation of women and social particularities.

Also Known As Africa (AKAA) in Paris

After 1-54 in London, November 12-14, Also Known As Africa (AKAA) opens its doors in Paris at the Carreau du Temple. The AKAA fair will present more than 40 galleries and 150 artists from around the world.

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This meeting of contemporary African art is a crucial occasion for experts, amateurs and admirers of contemporary African art as it offers opportunities to meet on a commercial, social, imaginative and/or scientific level.

In conjunction with the AKAA fair, a retrospective will be dedicated to Cameroonian photographer Samuel Fosso at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris and various events in the city of Paris.

« Afriques au carré » : a reverberation of Africa in the Square du Temple!

Initiated in the framework of a cooperation between the ART-Z Gallery, the IESA school and many partners, an event trail entitled « Afriques au carré » will be organized from November 11 to 14, 2021 in a magical place of 600 m2 along the square of the temple.

This occasion aims not only to change the look on contemporary African culture in full mutation, but also to operate a rapprochement between African and Western creators. To this end, cultural actors, promoters, artists, photographers as well as creators, designers, publishers and authors are invited to exchange with lovers of art and culture on the ongoing revolution in contemporary creations of Africa and its diaspora.

Capture-décran-2021-10-25-à-10.21.25 BISO, the 1-54 fair, the AKAA fair, Afriques au carré: Contemporary African art is back on track after the Coronavirus!

It will be in the field of visual expressions: to highlight the artists of the contemporary African scene. To do this, a vernissage will take place on Thursday, November 11, 2021, the art and cultural fair launched on this occasion will end with an auction organized by the initiator of the event and Catawiki, one of the partners.

In the field of photography, books and dedications, « Afriques au carré » welcomes publishing houses, magazines and bookstores on African art and literature. The writer and columnist at RFI, Oliver Rogez will sign his book: « Là où naissent les prophètes » on Friday, November 12, 2021. It is also an opportunity to meet the photographer Mabeye Deme whose photos appear in the book and to exchange with the artist photographer Francoise Huguier.

Coordinated by Christian Lajoumard, narrative films from the series l’Artiste et l’œuvre will be projected during a show reasonably elaborated by artists.

In the field of fashion and design, creators and initiators are invited to participate in the event. In this sense : Mossi, Tissame, Bodhi and Opouko reveal to the public their most beautiful creations of handwoven pieces.
Several artists will be presented on the exhibition. Notably, Soly Cissé, who is constantly tempted by transparencies and the embodiment of shadows that allow him to reveal the depth of the stories. The Malian Ibrahim Ballo, a symbol of African contemporary art, the Algerian, Dalila Dalléas Bouzar, laureate of the Marcel-Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation who has created art workshops for women in her home country, Onyis Martin who is based at the Kobo Trust, where he guides and helps, along with many others, young people to develop their skills, Rickson Zavare who uses stones to tell life-giving stories and has opened his home and workshop to young stonecutters in his town to pass on his passion and many others.

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The DDM agency that brings the artistic revival of Burkina Faso to Paris.

In a mission to highlight the prestigious creative showcase of Burkina Faso, the DDM agency, born from the meeting of three cultural actors have decided to pool their skills to give another catalyst to the African visual work on the European continent from 10 to 20 November 2021.

Flyer-Ka-Fu-Afriques-fond-Kane.01-page001-724x1024-1 BISO, the 1-54 fair, the AKAA fair, Afriques au carré: Contemporary African art is back on track after the Coronavirus!

In resonance with the AKAA fair, at the pop-up gallery KA-FU and on Afriques au carré, six contemporary artists based and working in Burkina Faso will be presented.

From Ky Siriki, stone cutter and creator of the International Symposium of Granite Sculpture of Laongo. A first generation visual artist who uses only granite, stone, wood, bronze and iron. A kind of scholar who clarifies the true and the false, the custom and the innovation, the sacred and the profane, the self and the other.

Abou Sidibé who uses recycled boxes, keys, cylinders, nails and various mediums while drawing his motivation from African culture. Divided between custom and innovation, his ability to shape wood is a demonstration of his ability to deal with multiple materials.  

Issaka Sawadogo who deconstructs the representation and vision we have of African obsessions. Madi Ouedraogo who creates works of art with surprising structures, Christophe Sawadogo with his calligraphic touches that share the daily life of Burkina and Abou Traoré who communicates the African customary universe through bronze.

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