The creations of modern and contemporary African artists will be celebrated in Paris on November 16, 2021, during an auction. This Artcurial initiative is sequenced in several parts. The first will be dedicated to the artists of the Hangar with four works of Pilipili, the artist-painter, having made his initiation at the side of Pierre Romain-Desfossés who will make him enter the Hangar in 1947, this former employee of the public works as a painter and plumber in Lubumbashi is born of a fisherman father.

In the same way, this first part will present several paintings of the artists of the school of Dakar of which M’bor Faye, Amadou Seck or Philippe Sène. There are also works by sculptors Pumé Bylex and the multidisciplinary artist Bodys Isek Kingelez, this self-taught artist who entered the art scene in the 70s when Mobutu implemented his policy of « Zaïrianisation » to promote the authenticity of Congolese culture and popular painters of the Congo such as Moké, Chéri Samba and Chéri Chérin as well as a quadriptych by the South African artist William Kentridge.

Artists of the rising generation, including Anjel and Forkam from Cameroon, Michael Soi and Richard Muzyoka from Kenya and Ocom Adonias and Peter Ngugi, will also exhibit.

The second part will take into account a selection of renowned artists from Mali including Malick Sidibé and Seydou Keita presented by Artcurial will close the session.

This auction of the house Artcurial testifies to the vitality of contemporary African art in Paris for some time.

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