From November 26 to December 12, 2021, Partcours celebrates its ten years of adventure in the world of art in Senegal.
On this occasion, cultural actors, cultural institutions and art spaces organize a tour of the city of Dakar and its region through an exploration of openings and daily meetings coordinated by neighborhood.
Similarly, these institutions will continue to disseminate work, culture and creative knowledge of Dakar in different forms throughout the year. Various artistic exchanges and debates between gallery owners, curators and artists on the current state of art, techniques and approaches will be shared.

This cross-fertilization event presents another city of Dakar, masterfully restored artistically and is also a collective melting pot, graceful where belongings and visions intermingle.

For seventeen days, prominent artists will explain their artistic approaches, and guests will discover the places and organizations that constantly enliven culture in the Senegalese capital.

c_almadies_2-1024x537 A decade of Partcours between adventures, meetings, memories of art in Dakar.
Alun Be, Marc Montaret, Mauro Petroni et Amadou Seck.
Avec la participation de « La Galerie de mon Père », collection Khady et Alioune Thiam.

One of the innovations of this tenth edition is the publication of a book by the event’s coordination team. This book examines art in the city, the role of cultural institutions, and the essence of a Dakar in perpetual change.
Far from being a survey of the ten years spent with partners, gallerists, artists and visitors, the book follows the penances and efforts made, the friendships forged during these years.
It is also an opportunity to open up new perspectives on the future. To this end, the book advocates an extreme change in the relationship with the partners to keep the fire of excitement and energy that has illuminated this excursion for the past 10 years.

Far from amplifying itself, Partcours welcomes fortitude, for it is the hopes, the collective forces, the blaze of life, that elicit responses and give solidarity the power to move forward. The Partcours meetings affirm that it is possible to adapt a principle to its current situation through collective work and individual responsibility, while at the same time reacting to the feeling of the city and the animation of the city.

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