Act 2 « Stabilizing Consciousness » of « THE UPSHOT OF TRANS-AFFECTIVE SOLIDARITY » exhibition, on view through May 14, 2022 at the Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles highlights creations by artists from around the world, including Mehraneh Atashi, Evangelia Basdekis, Sarah El Hamed, Sabine Gruffat, Shon Kim, Marie- Claire Messouma Manlanbien, Helina Metaferia, Muriel Paraboni, Jhafis Quintero, Johanna Barilier, David Uzochukwu, Faraz Shariat and Ali Tnani.

The exhibition « THE UPSHOT OF TRANS-AFFECTIVE SOLIDARITY » proposes in a global way this fortitude imagined as a fundamental component of social structuring, both at the relational and intergroup levels. It acquires the ascendancy of Emile Durkheim as the arrangement of the links that unite us to each other and to society, which shape individuals into a strong total. It emphasizes this strength as the fundamental feature of human collaboration and must be conceptualized appropriately.

« THE UPSHOT OF TRANS-AFFECTIVE SOLIDARITY » proposes to study another image of humanity that values solidarity and critical knowledge from different contexts and societies.

« THE UPSHOT OF TRANS-AFFECTIVE SOLIDARITY » takes its title from what the scientist Anne Garland Mahler calls trans-affective solidarity, which depends on a metonymic political problematic. A transnational, transracial, transethnic, and translinguistic experience of the power of feeling is envisioned to imagine a more monetarily, racially, and humanly equitable world through the works of 13 artisans of different identities who offer a valuable chance to reevaluate how we might envision another experience that would recharge our intersubjective bonds in these uncertain times.

Most of the works in the exhibition « THE UPSHOT OF TRANS-AFFECTIVE SOLIDARITY » embrace a sense of reconsideration and organization to shape varied conditions of interpretation. As if to consider an extended edge of reference that adds to this heterogeneous engagement with video, film, and the lifestyle of the fortitude these specialists embody.

Under the direction of Kisito Assangni, a Franco-Togolese curator whose exploratory interests revolve around the cultural effect of globalization, psychogeography and basic education.

He focuses on methods of cultural creation that consolidate hypothesis and practice and seeks to move beyond the typical links between artist, curator, institution, crowd and artwork to engage society in surprising, innovative experiences with art.

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