Common qualities in contemporary creation and emergence, a solid culture of coordinated effort and striking organizations, this is what joins the Brussels African Art Center and the art gallery inside_out who propose in margin of the contemporary art fair « Art Brussels » the exhibition « Synergies Malicieuses ! » until May 29, 2022 in the gallery inside_out located at 132 rue Blaes in Brussels.

The exhibition « Synergies Malicieuses ! » brings together two artists of the European and African diasporic art scene, Julia Buruleva, Ukrainian-Russian artist whose naked body as a molecule of the world of style and Gopal Dagnogo who pierces a style on « the Erotic Round ».

Articulate and emphatic, Julia Buruleva and Gopal Dagnogo transmit through their creations an affirmation and a setting in situation by the force and the style. Starting from the principle that their works capture a universe of excellence and secrecy, they free themselves from the shackles of the grandiose and disrupt the codes to sketch and amplify the incongruity.

For Julia Buruleva, arranging the naked body as a molecule of the world of style, fundamental element of her work. Her methodology is always to join photography and performance, creating a framework for the act of spontaneity. She creates opportunities for something unexpected, unique and amazing to happen.

The way she plays with sets, items, models and light gives the viewer a sense of weirdness. She arranges mind-boggling photos with a shockingly thick environment that captures a world of magnificence and secrecy.

Synergies-Malicieuses-Gopal-Dagnogo-La-ronde-erotique « Synergies Malicieuses ! » a discovery by Julia Buruleva and Gopal Dagnogo in Brussels
Gopal Dagnogo – La ronde erotique

As for Gopal Dagnogo, he conveys feelings through the organization of components with indelicate and delicate lines, shapes and varieties. These scenographic syntheses are sometimes refined and sometimes overloaded to remain constantly in scene with their motivation. Some canvases are loaded with containers, jars, mules, chickens, bushels, etc. and covered with layers on a deceptive backdrop; others offer a brief look at a pleasantly made determination. Some while looking will finish in the impotent matter in front of a memory, a sensation, a second or a flavor; others will be prolonged by the desire, the sharing, the dream or the vision. Canvases that speak and whisper without ever raising their voice, of this delicate darkness gathered.

Gopal Dagnogo‘s works have been presented in important exhibitions, biennials, fairs and are also in prestigious collections. 

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