Created in association with Ugandan gallery Afriart and The Africa Centre, the London solo exhibition « (Un)choreographed » by Tanzanian contemporary artist Sungi Mlengeya pays homage to the history of dance and the many ways in which it liberates women in Africa and its diaspora.

Curated by Tammi Bello and Jessica Lowe-Mbirimi, « (Un)choreographed » open through July 24, 2022, features eight striking, large-scale works of art that exude energy and praise the energy and strength of their subjects, black women. « (Un)choreographed » reflects Sungi Mlengeya‘s newfound interest in immersing herself in her abundant culture as a disclosure excursion. Through dance, Sungi Mlengeya is interested in larger social issues concerning the empowerment of women, especially black women.

For Sungi Mlengeya, the evolution of dance, among many others, has always brought opportunity and happiness to her and many others around her.

Whatever their excursions, struggles, accomplishments and relationships, Sungi Mlengeya has been driven to give them enough focus by portraying them in a way where they are disconnected from the norms or prohibitive parameters that prevent them from pursuing their true desires and being themselves. The dance embodies their view of the world.

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