50 years after the introduction of his work at the Dynamic Museum, Picasso returns to Dakar, at the Museum of Black Civilizations, through another exhibition : « Picasso à Dakar, 1972-2022 ».

Initiated in 2016 by the Musée national Picasso-Paris, the undertaking has its origin in the solid obligation of wide dissemination of Picasso’s work.

This occasion is the consequence of a joint effort between the Museum of Black Civilizations, the Museum of African Art Theodore Monod, the National Museum Picasso-Paris and the Museum of Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, who wished to share a task in which the historical backdrop of art is sent by sharing works, information and thoughts.

Affiche-Expo-Picasso-à-Dakar-711x1024 « Picasso à Dakar, 1972-2022 » an exhibition at the Museum of Black Civilizations

The exhibition « Picasso à Dakar, 1972-2022 » revisits this experience, drawing on authentic and historiographical research in progress. It proposes a productive re-visitation of the artist’s 1972 exhibition at the Musée Dynamique in Dakar, which pays tribute to the artist during his lifetime. In the continuity of this exhibition, whose 50th commemoration it will salute, the exhibition « Picasso à Dakar, 1972-2022 »will bring together some thirty works, which dialogue with twelve works from the Dakar collections in order to highlight Picasso’s fascination with African art.

« Picasso à Dakar, 1972-2022 », presented sequentially, but also in the form of formal correspondences, specialized, non-existent or utilitarian, for example, magic and exorcism, the selected works will allow to find the artist in his African sources and will be accessible from April 1 to June 30, 2022 at the Museum of Black Civilizations of Dakar.

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