As every year since 2012, the artistic event Partcours takes place in Dakar during the first two weeks of December. This will be an opportunity to bring together professional artists from the Senegalese capital, as well as art lovers, around openings, art workshops and conferences. As part of this event, ON ART is particularly interested in the exhibition WONEMA-LET ME SEE, carried by the Senegalese artist Alioune Diagne.

Alioune Diagne and her figuro-abstro

As we mentioned in a portrait dedicated to the artist, the figuro-abstro is the pictorial movement carried by Alioune Diagne. The result of various influences, it allows the artist to approach a variety of subjects thanks to abstract elements, in a unique style. In the context of his exhibition called WONEMA, which means “Show me” in Wolof, Alioune Diagne creates a kind of dialogue between his works. For the artist, it is a way of transmitting, through signs, emotions that he leaves to his public, the care to decipher.

Unlike most other artists, Alioune Diagne has chosen to group his works into “collections” rather than “series”. According to her perception, collections do indeed possess particular identities, whose expression goes beyond a few paintings, and can be enriched over the years.

Alioune Diagne: a committed draftsman with a unique style

Alioune Diagne was born in 1985 in Dakar. During his childhood, he discovers a passion for drawing and quickly acquires the firm conviction that painting is the only activity that can allow him to blossom. In order to develop this passion, he joined the Fine Arts of Dakar in 2008 where he studied history and art techniques. In 2010, he leaves to live in Vienna, France.

Capture-décran-2020-11-17-à-16.01.07-2 Partcours 2020 : Alioune Diagne participates, with the exhibition WONEMA-LET ME SEE
DJIGUENE JI – This woman !, 2020, Collection Scènes de marchés
160 x 155 cm, Acrylic on canvas

A true self-made-man, Alioune Diagne is trained thanks to private lessons with teachers from the Beaux-Arts de Lyon. In 2013, after the death of his grandfather, he creates his first figuro-abstro works, a style that will become his trademark over the years. Perfectionist, each of his works is the fruit of a long artistic journey designed to create a special relationship with the viewer. More than a simple spectator, Alioune Diagne sees in each person who discovers his art, a participant whom he pushes to decipher the spirit of the informal signs he uses.

The program of the exhibition

The exhibition WONEMA-LET ME SEE opens from November 27, 2020 and will continue until January 31, 2021 at the Pullman Hotel in Dakar. A vernissage will be organized on December 4th at 6:30 pm at the same address. The event is notably supported by We Art Partners, the famous agency specializing in investment advice in Art.

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