On view until May 19, 2022 at Gallery 1957 in Accra, artist Nabeeha Mohamed‘s exhibition « Same sky, different fruit » combines compositions linked by sensations of home and place.

Home is conceptualized as a place and an inclination, as individuals and things, including natural products…

Through this exhibition, the artist comes to the sky and takes us along with him. The sky, of course, speaks of the extraterrestrial – that which is located in space and in the sky, but it also speaks of the celestial – the place from which we can observe the universe.

Nabeeha Mohamed‘s work reflects a sense of rootedness that is similar to vagrant items – flowers, pots and family landmarks that do not reveal their motivation. It is allowed to seize both a sense of security and temporality. It is fitting that Nabeeha Mohamed brings the sky and the organic product together on the same plane, she emphasizes the gravitational tilt that confounds the reasonable boundaries between the ground and the sky, to a large extent.

To take the allegory of the sky a step further, the artist’s new assemblage of works can be seen as comparable to groupings of stars as private images, verdant scenes and fantastical interiors.

Just as we are drawn to thick layers of air when we conjure up the sky, Mohamed offers us thick layers of paint whose cooperation with the material results in exotic planes and wondrous syntheses.

Variety and cadence shape the feeling. Perhaps subliminally, various varieties of blue dot this collection of works that Nabeeha Mohamed extends the language of home. She tells us that in the end, all things considered, it has to do with storytelling – here and there, these narratives are solid, but most of the time they are broken, divided, inadequate, sometimes ridiculous, but always charming. It tells us that painting can eventually communicate in a strong, inclusive language that connects all of us. 

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