Presented by the « AKKA Project » Gallery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates until February 28, 2022, the exhibition « MaDzimbahwe » organized by Raphael Chikukwa, director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe on behalf of the government of his country presents works created during the COVID-19 pandemic by featured artists such as Hloniphani Noah ‘Dialo’ Dube who created his own style called « Woven Lines », Doris Kamupira who paves the way for inevitable judicious corrections, Josiah Manzi who makes unnatural and dreamlike suggestions motivated by otherness and well established in the Yao culture, Isaac Choloka who addresses human feelings and in particular love, Tusichile Kasito who highlights issues related to ecology with approaches to transform contamination into magnificence, Tamary Kudita who examines the tradition of expansionism on family structure while digging into the historical context of post-pioneer personality, Prudence Chimutuwah who is stimulated and informed by women’s ordinary exercises, family commitments, marital impulses, strict desires, financial aspirations, political ideas and individual qualities, Danisile Ncube who has taken as a medium to record the entire experiences and times in which we live and uses it to communicate what he feels through his visual work, Nothando Chiwanga who focuses on subjects such as instruction, food, loss, appliances and customs and Admire Kamudzengerere who has a habit of bringing to light an incoherent world in which the strong trample the powerless.

This exhibition presents the creative embodiment and artistic commitment of the country while crossing generations, genres and media to summarize the artistic offer of the country and taking into account to propose diverse perspectives and question about identity, realities and experiences.  

The artists in the exhibition « MaDzimbahwe » play the role of chroniclers of memories, allowing visitors to grasp various real factors and to question themselves.

AKKA Project Gallery, offers art lovers the discovery of contemporary focused on Africa, it has spaces open in Dubai since 2016 and in Venice since 2019. Its main mission is to open doors and create associations between the African continent, the Middle East and Europe by imagining an interesting scene to exhibit African artisans, whether they are working or not.

With the exhibition « MaDzimbahwe », AKKA Project addresses different snapshots of disclosure, however important it may be in the larger mission of satisfaction and wholeness of the African being. Moreover, this idea resonates at the level of everyday existence through the eyes of these artists who are being introduced to Dubai and the Arab region.

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