« L’univers de William Wilson » is a personal exhibition of the artist at the André Malraux library in the context of the publication in collaboration with Kouam Tawa of the alphabet book « ‘’A’’ comme Afrique » published by Gallimard Jeunesse.

« L’univers de William Wilson » offers from May 4 to June 26, 2021 the work of the artist William Adjété Wilson who revives the debate on the themes that have, and continue to unleash passions. He addresses concerns about intergenerational conflicts, the exchanges between the younger generation influenced by the effects of modernity and the older generation, and those of the conservation of tradition. It examines the relationship between Africa and the West, an eternal polemic, and highlights the false evidence or the most common illusions.

Divided between Benin, Togo, Haiti and France, since his first exhibition in 1976 in Paris, William Adjété Wilson asserts himself in the contemporary world. His preferred medium is soft pastel on paper. He sometimes uses paint, prints, collages, sculpture-assemblage or even hangings.

He has numerous exhibitions to his credit, such as « Haïti l’île sous le vent », « L’Océan noir », « Vodouns et Orixas », « Visions d’Afrique », « Les Chimères », « Beyond Borders : Global Africa », and participation in the Casablanca Biennial, the Dakar Biennial, and the 1-54.

William Adjété Wilson also collaborates with various creators in different fields.

Remember: « L’univers de William Wilson » is open until June 26, 2021 at the André Malraux Library in Paris.

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