To mark the launch of its Shoreditch gallery, Doyle Wham is offering London audiences the first solo exhibition outside of South Africa of the eminent photographic artist Trevor Stuurman.

Through « Life Through The Lens », an exhibition open until July 02, 2022, and this, since Friday, May 13, which fits with the second version of the London Gallery Weekend.

Trevor Stuurman, a global style icon and taste maker prominent for his innovative vision and remarkable visual portfolio, which includes depictions of famous people from Naomi Campbell to Barack Obama, and imaginative joint efforts on pivotal activities such as Beyoncé’s « Black is King », presents in this exhibition a progression of tailored, organized and captured self-portraits introduced unprecedentedly for the world.

trevor_1 « Life Through The Lens » Trevor Stuurman's first independent exhibition in London
Trevor Stuurman, Self-Portrait (1).
Courtesy of Trevor Stuurman and Doyle Wham

These works welcome us into his reality by meeting him both behind and in front of the camera, as artist and subject.

« Life Through The Lens » shows how photography and style saturate presence and offer a surprising and warm look at the direction Trevor Stuurman has taken over the past ten years as he continues to reach new personal and professional levels.

Each photograph was truly taken to mark a second, significant moment in his life, including the new works taken in March 2022 for the « Life Through The Lens » exhibition, and this essential, close-up setting will be conveyed through audio accounts accompanying the works.

In keeping with the rich customs of African studio imagery and the settings of pioneers such as Malick Sidibé and Seydou Keïta, Trevor Stuurman incorporates props and basics into his self-portraits, including a textured camera that was given to him when he won the ELLE Magazine Street Fashion Blogger Award – a moment he credits with launching his career into the world.

So these self-portraits are a demonstration of his excursion, an acknowledgement of self-esteem, and a suggestion to all of us of the importance of respecting and celebrating the accomplishments in our lives.

In deciding to style and photograph himself in this way, Trevor Stuurman brings the care and elevation that are the key standards of his practice. A way for him to bear witness to the power of photography and to reshape stories. 

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