Under the theme « Guiss Guiss », the vision in Wolof, the Cécile Fakhoury Gallery in Paris presents the first exhibition in Europe of Kassou Seydou until January 8, 2022. On this occasion, a series of unpublished paintings will be presented to the general public.

Through these works, Kassou Seydou communicates his perspectives on the daily life of the Senegalese public. Thus, the concerns related to the impact of migration, youth employment, the relationship to custom and the environment, are evoked in his creations. He also makes a nod to the journey of the Joola in 2002, which took 1863 people off the Gambia.

« Guiss Guiss » presents atypical works, engraved with a symbolic and representative cover from which admonitions emerge. Kassou Seydou presents characters and manufactures a symbolic universe where finely addressed creatures and imagined models cohabit. This place of a bizarre discernment, where he criticizes without pretension the conventional Senegalese sayings to set up the examination between custom and modernity inspired by globalization.

Kassou-Seydou-Ker-bi-ti-pont-bi-Lombre-qui-est-sur-le-pont2021-789x1024 « Guiss Guiss », the first independent exhibition of Kassou Seydou in Europe
Kassou Seydou
Ker bi ti pont bi (L’ombre qui est sur le pont)

Kassou Seydou

Born in 1971 in Ziguinchor, Kassou Seydou graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar. This artist who lives and works in Keur Massar tries to depict the world he wants. An existence where equity, justice and kindness between men and different species reign.

Kassou Seydou creates giant and liberal characters on his canvases, as if to give the work its philosophy of the world. He puts forward breeders, salesmen or ironworkers, as if to transmit a message and to challenge us on contemporary problems like the scarcity of resources and the multiplication of social disparities. These different figures interpret his desire for a more desirable society.

Attached to tradition, the characteristics, the seals and the different representations of the deities testify to the importance that Kassou Seydou brings to his culture. Each of his creations proposes a call to solidarity.

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