Fragments, or just Moments“, is one of the most memorable exhibitions made in Germany by the artist Tony and the main coordinated effort between the institutions “Haus der Kunst” and the “Kunstverein München”. 

Taking as a starting point the association between the two firmly found exhibition venues, Tony Cokes will present newly commissioned works, entitled Some Munich Moments 1937-1972, that connect the two organizations and the public space until October 23, 2022

For over thirty years, Tony Cokes has been investigating the political philosophies of media and pop culture and their effects on society, becoming one of the leading post-conceptual and present artists of recent times. 

Grounded in the experience of African American group visual double play in film, television, promotion, and music recordings, Tony Cokes has developed an exceptional language for video materials since the late 1990s that readily rejects forsaken symbolism.

The craftsman’s fast and varied media works depend on found sections of text and popular music from different eras and contexts. Through the constant erosion between digressive and divergent social references, Tony Cokes adjusts the usual types of understanding to follow verifiable congruences. The demonstration of reading lectures on underlying bigotry, private enterprise, struggle, and improvement is transformed into an intimate, substantial, and public experience. 

The exhibition “Fragments, or just Moments” is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

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