Launched under the partnership of Erzuli’Art and Art+Art Galerie, « Ton Nu Hwetchi » is Emery Baï’s latest exhibition of artworks committed to self-awareness presented from April 12 to 26, 2022.

« Ton Nu Hwetchi » literally implies in the Beninese language Fon « Come out, in order to force the sun to eclipse itself ». With this series, the artist pays tribute to human development. According to the legend of Fâ, each man has a double creature that accompanies him in the satisfaction of his predetermination. Denied and hated, it will remain hidden in the blur, will end up being unhappy, furious and disappointed, will be hanged in retaliation and will gradually destroy him. Recognized and appreciated, he will discover himself delicate and benevolent, offering his lord to emanate such an excess of joy that the sun will turn pale with envy.

Emery Baï draws his motivation from this legend to create the series « Ton Nu Hwetchi ». His works discreetly inspect the human spirit to discover its best. In his compositions, the subjects, generally black, are haloed. He makes them divine beings, a methodology that generally dismantles the figures of representations of strength in Western art. It is an illusory and marvelous universe, predominantly dark, white and golden that the artist presents us.

Emery Baï

Emery Baï, a former student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, is also a fashion enthusiast who focused on fashion design in Bordeaux before continuing his plastic studies in Montpellier.

A multidisciplinary artist, he seeks in his work the impression of life and feeling. His practice communicates a social mix, a psalm to variety and receptivity. Oscillating between humor and dramatization, individual history and collective memory, his creation stages the pressures, the disappointments, the gaps between an optimal vision and the truth of the world.

Klimt, Alma Ta Dema, Pierre et Gilles, Kehinde wiley, François Rousseau, Imane Ayissi are among the artists that motivate her work. His works mix attribution and humanoid imagery without reasonably breaking with the real world while offering whimsical settings with an appealing flexibility of bodies. 

The feel of his work combined with the precision of his scrutiny results in works that are profound, exciting and sensitive.

Presented at ART+ART Galerie, this new place in Paris, created in 2021 by two art lovers. This showcase is a gathering place that supports the articulation of the imagination in all its structures and media, revealing its favorites and offering the public this energy of art that illuminates lives.

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The objective of ART+ART Galerie is to highlight, but also to democratize the acquisition of works of art so that everyone can enjoy these exchanges. It is continually looking for talents and projects to help the artist, the designer, the skilled craftsman around projects while making its space an aid to movements of all kinds that actually take shape: fairs, exhibitions, meetings, large-scale developments, creations, etc… In association with Erzuli Art, an agency for the promotion of contemporary arts, especially concerning Africa and its diaspora, it proposes the exhibition « Ton Nu Hwetchi » until April 26, 2022 in its premises at 28 rue de la Fontaine au Roi.

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