Continuing his conceptual methodology that has characterized his work for a very long time, Dimitri Fagbohoun invites us to take a look at the unexpected consequences of history until April 30, 2022 at the Galerie Cécile Fakhoury in Dakar.

Through « THE UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES OF HISTORY », based on the relationship of structures and foundations, artist Dimitri Fagbohoun wraps himself around a narrative and visual around recorded photos from the colonial era, on which he discreetly intervenes, staging subtleties and lines of force. The colored lines seem to open gaps in the image, a field of opportunities for a relationship of the faculties and the creative spirit.

Thus decorated, the images wake up with another aspect, the characters that possess them, men, but also scenes, accidental heroes of the provincial history of West Africa, are staged in their probable strength, their inactive limit of plan. The mediation of Dimitri Fagbohoun in the image, of the request of the infra-member, discovers the place of a future, where lives the beginning of a bottom marked by intersections and combinations. The reading of his work, between verifiable realities and graceful dreams, branches out and leads to an organization of resonances from the end of the eighteenth century to our days.

Dimitri Fagbohoun

Dimitri Fagbohoun addresses the topics and questions he raises that reflect his excursion and his set of experiences, between geological and creative boundaries. His work is then inseparable from his own journey and his plural character.

Dimitri-Fagbohoun-•-In-the-Heart-of-Darkness Dimitri Fagbohoun presents « THE UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES OF HISTORY », a solo show at Galerie Cécile Fakhoury in Dakar
Dimitri Fagbohoun In the Heart of Darkness, 2022
Encre pigmentaire ultrachrome Pro Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305gr
Hauteur: 97,5 cm; largeur: 114,5 cm Height: 97,5 cm; width: 114,5 cm

Changing, by the heterogeneous structures that he uses, video, installation, photography, he communicates a relationship to the character and the individual history inside which his composition comes to upset the models that compose them. This pressure results in the emergence of different dreams and new structures. As he views his creative work as an open field of recommendations, his use of video, between trial and error and realistic structure, reaches to the edges of film and visual expressions, altering the boundaries between these practices.

Dimitri Fagbohoun archives the ideas he studies, delivering mental representations of the visual domains he has created. Some of his videos are linked to sound events and give an almost schizophrenic aspect to the subjects he deals with: personality, memory, religion and politics.

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