Created during her residency at V.O Curations, Angolan artist Sandra Poulson presents new works, which draw on her personal experience growing up in Luanda, Angola. For this exhibition, presented through two spaces until June 30, 2022, Sandra Poulson has taken the ever-present residue in the city, fundamental to its geographical area, to think about the monetary, social and cultural scene of Luanda. The works are made of texture, a fundamental material in the construction of how our bodies explore the world, with each component cut and sewn by hand.

In Luanda, the residue of dust is a stable and solid asset, while simultaneously, many daily positions and exercises are centered on the work to erase all traces of it. Referring to AbdouMaliq Simone who considers this residue an unintentional gift to the city, Sandra Poulson uses this story to reflect on how something seemingly unwanted is a fundamental element that shapes society.

Dust, or rather the demonstration of its expulsion, is here a kind of income, a product, a line, and a signifier of monetary and societal position. It orients the movement of metropolitan life through the endless circular exercises associated with the inconceivable race to erase.

Organized around snapshots of encounter and intersection, The Economy of Dust refers to Luanda’s rudimentary construction language – elements, conditions and circumstances that structure the city. Comparing elements with inverse characteristics and attributes, the works share narratives of limitation, access, crushing and trust.

Recall that contemporary artist Sandra Poulson‘s “Economy of the Dust” exhibition is open through June 30, 2022 at V.O Curations in London.

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