From May 19 to August 29, 2021, takes place in the premises of: Les Abattoirs, Frac Occitanie Museum in Toulouse, the group exhibition named « Au-delà des apparences ».

« Au-delà des apparences » which addresses the issue of the transmission of values, ideas, customs and know-how, looks at methods that can make understanding accessible and intelligible under the eyes of African women artists.

Under the responsibility of writer and curator Missla Libsekal, the group exhibition « Au-delà des apparences » is a means of analyzing the significance of orality in the process of transmitting values, examining the role of fiction in the narration or description of facts.

Les-Abattoirs_2021_Au-dela-des-Apparences-20-1024x650 « Au-delà des apparences » : African artists question the modes of exchange and the technologies of transmission in our contemporary societies.
View of the exhibition « Au-delà des apparences. Il était une fois, il sera une fois », from December 16, 2020 to May 30, 2021 © les Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse ; photo : Damien Aspe.

This exhibition also questions the importance of the individual, who can be a data bank. It confronts us with certain almost conventional formulas that we use daily, such as « il était une fois », and questions the need to experiment with the expression « il sera une fois »?
In other words, instead of telling the past, could we project the future?

The participating artists

Coming from various countries, participants in the exhibition « Au-delà des apparences » include: multimedia and relief installation artist Meriem Bennani, poet Amira Hanafi, Tunisian Nicene Kossentini, former Fusebox Festival curator Betelhem Makonnen, Bhavisha Panchia who examines anti/postcolonial discourses, Nigerian-born visual artist Fatimah Tuggar and Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa.

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