Art is Child’s Play” is an exhibition that presents an unprecedented series of works by artists Claire Marboeuf, Dieudonné Djiela Kamkang, Rhama Lhoussig, Franck Kemkeng and Amadou Opa Bathily and welcomes us to an immersion in contemporary African art through the eyes of our children.

Capture-décran-2022-07-06-à-16.49.28 "Art is Child's Play", a group exhibition at the African Arty in Casablanca
Claire Marboeuf – Angels, 2022 45 x 61 cm Gold leaf, wax and collage on photography

While schooling is more than ever at the heart of the objectives of the African continent and even more so in Morocco, the art space African Arty stages the link between Art and the Future by presenting the importance of Art in youth through the exhibition “Art is Child’s Play“.

Each artist present on “Art is Child’s Play” shares his or her impression of the relationship to training, history and transmission between the ages. Coming from Mali, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Morocco, the exhibited artists intertwine in an energetic and rational ensemble, dealing with this subject by putting the little ones at the center of their imagination; they open a parenthesis of irreproachability in a world that would benefit from being much more motivated by youth.

Capture-décran-2022-07-06-à-16.48.35 "Art is Child's Play", a group exhibition at the African Arty in Casablanca
Amadou Opa Bathily Le Verdict du Hogon, 2022 135 x 137 cm Painted fabrics on canvas

Organized in the sublime space of the American Arts Center with its Art Deco allure, the works are exchanged in a luminous and lively scenography that will dissuade the summer mawkishness of the childhood experience.

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