The Nubuke Foundation presents an independent exhibition of works by Al Hassan Issah, an artist located in Kumasi, Ghana. The exhibition, titled « Seduced by the Charms of A Mistake », is open through March 12, 2022.

Al Hassan Issah focused on painting at Kwame Nkrumah University after earning his MFA in painting, his training now extends to design, engineering, metal work and other areas.

Al Hassan Issah begins this investigation by exploring the use of paints in our global material climate; the finishes of metal pots, the approaching door grates, the anti-vandalism iron bars and signage found in our common spaces. Structures and forms elicited by extravagant and perplexing swirls, adinkra imagery, elements and nuances drawn from formal and informal engineering become fluctuating references in her welded constructions.

By combining the art of painting, the artist’s works incite an ecological community. Observers from different backgrounds can be helped to remember typical objects of neighborhoods, transient settlements, side streets and commercial premises. Drawing motivation from the particularities that structure the material cosmetics of these places, Al Hassan Issah’s interactive works push boundaries and encourage viewers to go beyond what they imagine to be conventional canvases.

Recall that the exhibition « Seduced by the Charms of A Mistake » by artist Al Hassan Issah is open until March 12, 2022 at the Nubuke Foundation

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