Artist Adrienne Raquel‘s « ONYX » exhibition goes beyond the societal shame associated with the moving plot and depicts a dazzling narrative of femininity, sisterhood, self-change and the strength of artists.

On view through Sep 26, 2021 at Fotografiska New York in the United States, « ONYX » offers through natural images and vignettes, dancers captured in their most vulnerable, yet most incredible minutes – both on and off the stage.

« ONYX » is a brand new series of photographs by New York-based photo artist Adrienne Raquel, commissioned by Fotografiska New York.

In this visually appealing and provocative investigation of the famed Onyx Club in Houston, TX, Raquel moves beyond the clean and controlled arrangements of her work, and catches artists in a more sincere and up-close climate.

Through her careful care, description of style, and ability to capture the excellence of her subjects, Raquel presents the intricacies of Southern strip club culture while focusing on the relational elements between the dancers.

Her work is set in sentimentality and dreaminess while remaining fresh and contemporary. Adrienne Raquel previously exhibited her work for Mickalene Thomas‘ « Better Nights » exhibition at the Bass Museum in Miami and The New Black Vanguard, curated by Antwaun Sargent and presented by Aperture.

Her clients include CR Fashion Book, Cultured Magazine, Elle, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview Magazine, Playboy, T Magazine, V Magazine and Vanity Fair.

« ONYX » is artist Adrienne Raquel‘s first independent exhibition.

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